Neurmatix is a medical technology company focused on concussion research and brain biomarkers.
We are building on a robust dataset including 400 subjects with concussion and baseline data.

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Concussion Data + Neuroscience Software

Our research is based on a 400 person dataset, built primarily around minor league hockey players.

Minor League Hockey Players

Our dataset comprises both healthy and concussed brains of hockey players at the beginning and throughout their season.

Physiological Biomarkers

Our data was recorded using a standardized patient testing protocol, including squat stands and breath holds.

Concussion Diagnosis

Our dataset includes information critical to diagnosing concussions using a range of diagnostic and biomarker analysis.

Baseline & Longitudinal View

Our software product has been optimized for both athletes and military/first responder groups. It allows for the collection and analysis of baseline and concussion/mTBI biomarker data.

Concussion RMCA

Integrated Concussion Data Visualization

Our application has been developed in Python and React. It integrates smoothly with Numpy and Pandas.

Concussion RMCA

Our brain data includes the following biomarkers:

  • ECG

  • Cardiac output

  • Mean arterial blood pressure

  • Stroke volume

  • Reconstructed brachial artery pressure

  • Blood flow through, waveform

  • Right middle cerebral artery, mean

  • Transcranial Doppler (mean value)

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Partial pressure of end-tidal for oxygen

  • Partial pressure of end-tidal for carbon dioxide

  • Peak of the systolic pressure in MCA

  • End of diastole in MCA

  • Oxygen

  • Resistance index

  • Pulsatility Index

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Neurmatix Concussion Research

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